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Westlake Epoxy Receives ISCC PLUS Certification for Site in Germany

Westlake Corp. recently announced that its Westlake Epoxy Duisburg, Germany, manufacturing site received the International Sustainability & Carbon Plus (ISCC PLUS) certification. The site received mass-balance certification for its tracing and handling of sustainable materials in the production of epoxy specialty products. According to the company, this is the second Westlake Epoxy site in Europe to receive ISCC PLUS certification. Westlake Corp. stated that the company’s goal is to achieve this certification for all Westlake Epoxy sites in Europe in the near future.

“This marks a significant step in Westlake Epoxy’s strategy to integrate renewable carbon materials into its raw material supply chain while reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions,” said Ann Frederix, vice president – Epoxy. “The ISCC PLUS certification creates opportunities for our customers to access a wider range of innovative, renewable attributed and lower-carbon footprint products. The mass balancing concept ensures equivalent performance to traditional epoxy products while supporting our customers in fulfilling their sustainability objectives.”

This recent certification reflects Westlake’s ongoing commitment to operating in a more environmentally responsible manner. The Westlake Epoxy strategy is aligned with other businesses in Europe such as Westlake Vinnolit, whose sites are all ISCC PLUS certified.

Westlake Epoxy serves a broad variety of industries, including adhesives and marine and protective coatings. Learn more about Westlake Corp. at www.westlake.com

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