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XLYNX MATERIALS: PlastiLynx PXN | Adhesives & Sealants Industry

XLYNX Materials announces the launch of PlastiLynx PXN, an advanced PFAS-free universal primer that modifies the surfaces of hard-to-bond polyolefins to enable strong adhesion with glues, coatings, and dyes. 

Low surface energy polymers like polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) are highly valued because of their lightweight strength, affordability, and resilience. However, their incompatibility with adhesives has been an obstacle for many applications. Conventional primers and surface treatments offer imperfect solutions to this problem.

PlastiLynx PXN is the latest and most advanced version of XLYNX’s polymeric diazirine primer, providing improved adhesion while also eliminating fluorine from its chemical composition. Head-to-head against the established brand name polyolefin primers, PlastiLynx PXN provided between 150% to 350% stronger adhesion in PP/PE substrate tests. 

Unlike commercial polyolefin primers, which are designed to function primarily with cyanoacrylate-type adhesives, PlastiLynx PXN is a universal primer that makes surfaces receptive to all manner of adhesives, including epoxies and polyurethanes. 

The product’s versatility is a result of the permanent covalent bonds it forms with the substrate surface, leaving a reactive amine layer that is receptive to adhesives, dyes, and coatings. Compared to traditional surface modification techniques for polyolefins like plasma and corona, PlastiLynx PXN is a long-lasting treatment that remains active for months and does not damage the substrate surface.   Topically applied and cured rapidly with UV light or moderate heat, PlastiLynx PXN unlocks new design opportunities, manufacturing efficiencies, and dissimilar bonding applications. 

To learn more, visit www.xlynxmaterials.com.

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